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Looking for Animals
The Show

We wanted to make our own television show, so we went to the only place that wouldn't ask questions, Public Access Television.


Watch us encounter all of the animals and important life lessons we have time to write about in a half hour show.


The Characters

Adam loves to sing.

He also loves his bestest puppet pal in the world, Mathalgada!


Mathalgada likes hanging out with Adam. She also likes explosives? She means well. 


Cole lost a bet and now he has to produce this show.


Looking for Animals has many guest stars, too!  Including greats like:

- Herbert Furzog

- Boombox

- Mr. Rumblebottom

- Kyle

The Store

Coming soon!


- Original Looking for Animals Soundtrack


- Tshirst


- Stickers


- DVD's


- Left handed smoke shifters (finally)

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