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We have done it! We have successfully bribed our way back into the Calaveras County Public Access Studio for our second episode. We weren't sure if they would say yes, BUT they did.

Hallelujah. Because this next episode is a doosy.

If you have ever wondered how to live with your family this episode is for YOU!

Family life is hard. They annoy. They bug. They ask. They preach. They love.

Through all the tough comes the love. Your family may be the most disfunctional table guest, but they are they guest that will stick around.

Stick around to watch you grow. To be your biggest fan. To hug you when your down. And to pump you up when you watch Space Jam!

Family is like a well refined french cat.

Family is like a flaming paper bag left on your front porch of perfectly roasted marshmallows.

Family is like walking in the house pitch black at night half asleep stepping on a flower.

You get the idea.

Find my LINKS!!!!

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