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Adam and Mathalgada

Ever since Adam and Mathalgada met that faithful day outside Adam's College of Film my life has been a living weirdmare. Adam was a nut before, but now I am just confused. Maybe scared a little, but just confused.

Like, for example, for the past two months during our show's TV hiatus we have been on tour. Traveling the big ol' US of the A, well just Calaveras County, USA. Traveling by our, what Mathalgada likes to call the tour bus, what Adam likes to call his Vehicular Traveling Car of fun, and what I like to call a freaking Hyundai Elantra of Torture.

Right, back to the example, on tour one night I was sleeping in the back seat on our way to a gig and I wake up to Mathalgada swinging her arm back and forth in front of my face as I slept. Not one to jump to alarm I slowing sit up and ask Mathalgada what she is doing...

Mathalgada as calm as a sea cucumber on it's way to the sand bar says, "Oh you know, just wondering what it would be like to pay you $20 to ride an elephant with your Kazoo while I yell in your ear, Giddy up Coal Train Giddy up!!!"

My life is funny.

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