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Cole's Sister, watched Online


"I'm pregnant and the goodbye song makes me cry"

Max, watched DVD


"Cole, this is on tv?"

Ed, watched on Public Access


"Sometimes Cole just likes to do it different and that's ok."

Featured Testimonials

Hayley's Dad, watched Online


"Hmm, that was actually pretty good."

Kristin Luck, a CEO!, watched Online


"I have no idea why this is necessary in life but I am totally addicted."

Public Access Volunteer, watched Live


"Grumble.... Grumble... Ugh. Sometimes you just have to learn to say no."

@kimmiediscovery, watched Online


"This is gold."

Gagik, watched Online


"life...makes...sense ONCE AGAIN."

Ryan, watched Online


"The new puppet character [Kyle]... my favorit! I want to see more of him!"

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