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Writing an Episode

Today Adam and I were driving, I said, "I think Looking for Animals needs a rap song," thus we preceeded to write said rap song. It's dope yo. For starters it talks about how our main character was shy, but through learning about snakes he has gained courage. He gets mad brave, yo.

Snakes are pretty scary. In the episode, our main characters handle a rattlesnake on a ranch to show our puppet pals (did I just say palS?) how ranch life is not always safe, but if you work in a safe manner life on a ranch isn't always scary. SPOILER ALERT. All of this.

MUHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now you know and you can't erase it from your mind. I am an evil mastermind producer of terror and fear of knowledge of episodes in our minds. Yes.

Have you found my LINKS yet?

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